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To Venice:
Prologue:  The Fiends
Kurt Quezac landed heavily, crouched down on one knee. He had jumped from the rafters. He stood up hastily, careful to make no noise. Kurt pulled back his sleeve and desperately checked his watch. "Where are they?" he muttered, “There always late".

Simone rider pulled up on her luminous green motorbike. She looked up at the back of the scary looking detention facility. It was the complete package, surrounded with chain fences with barbed wire on top. "This'll be fun", she laughed.

Gabrielle Scarlet landed on the roof. She pulled in her scarlet, red wings and ran. She got to the centre of the roof and laughed hard. She couldn't wait.

Wolfie padded out of the forest. He was a wolf. He shifted back to human before someone saw. He was naked, so he looked around. There was the duffel bag. It was blue with a white strip. "Right where he said it would be." He quickly threw on the clothes within the bag.

Cameron Melic entered in through the front door. He glanced around quickly; making sure no one saw him. Well, saw his tan overcoat with big black buttons, the tan hat, the black leather gloves and his big black army boots. He was invisible, hence his nick name the invisible detective. Because that what he was a detective. He smirked. Cameron pulled his revolver and hastily moved down the corridor, his back against the wall.

The light burned into Arsenic Bergovitch's eyes. He cursed under his breath. Agent Langkill was shouting something. Of course Arsenic was being questioned, and by now quite possibly threatened. He wasn't listening though. He was being accused of being a traitor during the Second World War, he was German, and therefore was being questioned why he killed men on his own side. He just hoped 'they' would be here soon.  And how they would.



Kurt was getting impatient. He started pacing up and down the corridor. They were late, too late.  “C’mon, c’mon”, he repeated longingly. Footsteps. Kurt swung the back pack he was wearing around and pulled two hand guns, loaded them and pointed them at the source of the footsteps. Kurt saw the tan overcoat and relaxed. He pointed the guns downward. “You are late”, no matter how hard he tried, the annoyance in his voice still rung through.

Cameron laughed his hearty laugh. “Don’t be a baby, Kurt”.

“I’m not”, he crossed his arms like a five year old.

Cameron shook his head, causing the hat to move. Simone appeared out of nowhere, laughing.  “He’s acting like a five year old again isn’t he?” She stood on her tip toes and kissed Kurt on the forehead. That made him smile. It always did. Gabrielle appeared next, but brought trouble. She came running hard down the corridor.

“HELP!!” she screamed panting hard. She didn’t get in undetected. There were about sixteen guards running, following her down the damp corridor.

“Shit”, Kurt muttered. He threw the guns up fast and shot the gun hard and quickly. Two of the men fell, dead as a doorknob, while the rest pulled ak-47s down from straps on their backs.

“Dammit!” Cameron Shouted taking one out with his revolver with a shot through the skull. He turned and dived in against the wall. Gabrielle followed, landing hard her head hitting the wall. Kurt kept shooting. He had taken out most of them, seven left. The guns clicked, he was out of ammo, and unfortunately didn’t have any more. Simone ran off down a separate corridor, thinking of only getting away from the shoot out.

Kurt was an alleged hit man, the best in the business. He had dark brown hair, and pale white skin. He was trained with any weapon he could get his hands on. He pulled down the scythe he kept strapped to his back, for good measure he always said. Without a care in the world, as if it was a morning stroll, he ran hard at the guards. He jumped and did a front- flip, dodging an array of bullets. He landed right in front of the guards.

 “Hello”, he smiled cheerfully. Kurt slashed the scythe at one of the guards and severed him of his head, He spun quickly giving a sharp round house kick to another guards head, and then just before another one could shoot He elbowed him hard and low in the stomach.  All the guards he had just inflicted pain or death on, fell to the ground. Kurt rolled away and fired his scythe at a guard who followed him. The three remaining guards ran after him down the corridor.

Cameron got up and sighed. Wolfie strolled in. Gabrielle rushed over and kissed him on the lips. “Hey babe,” Wolfie said kissing her back.

“Adam!” Cameron growled.


“Where have you been?”

“Oh you see I’m after taking out twenty guards.”


Adam sighed. He brushed his long wavy brown hair out of his eyes. “I knew you wouldn’t believe me.” He handed Cameron his phone and showed him a photo of a pile of guards, bitten, torn and bloodied. “See?”

Cameron shook his head. “Lets go”, he said annoyed.



Arsenic collided with the floor hard. Langkill had lost it. He was gone red in the face, veins showing looking like they were about to pop. Arsenic had the ability to control fire, that’s how he got the nickname he had. He used to go around and burn down small cottages and wooden barns during the war. Langkill stood over him, screaming and spitting at Arsenic. It was swear words. Arsenic didn’t give a damn though, he also was very good at not listening…

He was running impatient, they should be here he kept telling himself. Some lot of good they were.  Rescuers they called themselves? More like dopey daydreamers.


Simone ran fast and skilfully, like she was taught when she was younger. She was the greatest pickpocket in the world, everyone seemed to have had said to her. Her family had been poor, but she had brought watches, wallets and other expensive items home for them. Her mother used to laugh at her sometimes on her ability to never be detected.

Her black silky hair shone in the dim lilted corridor now. She took a sharp right. Kurt flew straight into Simone, and they both fell onto the ground. “Ouch,” they both said in unison.

Cameron, Wolfie and Gabrielle made their way down a series of identical, dreary corridors. They were separated from Simone and Kurt, and god knows they were probably separated too. Cameron heard shouts and screams coming from the corridor just ahead. A man in his thirty’s came running down the hall a flaming, Smokey mess. Arsenic walked out of a room. Cameron laughed so did the others two.

“Ye took yer feckin time” Arsenic growled.


Simone and Kurt had gotten ultimately lost. The corridors were the same, damp, dark and dreary. Simone kept glancing back every few seconds just to make sure no one was following them although it was hardly likely. They just made there fifth right turn, and were fed up. Kurt pulled his mobile phone and rang Gabrielle. No signal. He looked around and saw loads of black solid oak doors, with big shiny brass handles. He sighed and said:

“Let’s look in there”, Kurt pointed to the nearest black door. Simone nodded. They walked over and pushed the big heavy door inwards. There were people in here, all chained up to the wall moaning and sobbing. Kurt looked horrified and quickly glanced doing a head count, everyone added up to at least twenty- five. He was about to run and stat breaking locks when he noticed something. A big metal throne was built right in the middle of the room. It was beautifully decorated with jewels. He knew exactly then it was a trap. Three heavily armed guards jumped out from behind the throne, they held spears and swords. The guards charged swiftly at Simone and Kurt.

Simone reacted quickly pulling two small flexible throwing knives. She threw one and it hit the guard who was nearest them in the chest with a hard thud. She jumped at one of the others and slashed his chest. He grabbed her hair and pulled her forward. Simone spun twisting the guards arm; she grabbed it and effectively shattered it. He fell to the ground.

Kurt kicked the remaining guard and sent him sprawling, quickly grabbed the guards spear and jabbed it straight through the helpless mans eyes. There was screams.  Simone ran over to a prisoner and started to break the chains, when another man walked out, in his late twenty’s or so.

The man introduced himself as Klaus. He had dark blue, cropped hair. He spoke with a high pitched voice.

“So you’re here to join my collection of freaks?”

“What?!?”  Simone and Kurt shouted together in disgust.

“Why these people here”, Klaus said indicating to the prisoners.

“There like us?” Simone asked horrified.

Klaus nodded. Kurt wanted to rush forward and break the man’s nose.  Simone had a similar feeling. Klaus laughed. “I’m like you, the two of you, you know.” he continued with outright disgust “I can read minds. And I just heard what both of you thought.”


“Oh yeah, right so, you can read minds? Huh?” Kurt shouted the next bit. “SO YOU CAN READ WHAT PAIN THESE PEOPLE ARE FEELING?”

He grabbed one of Simone’s daggers and threw it hard at Klaus. Klaus reacted swiftly and did a somersault and landed behind the throne. He then disappeared. The couple looked confused at first but, soon saw to letting the prisoners out, most of which ran off, down the mysterious maze of corridors and rooms.

All the prisoners were free, only five had stayed. Kurt asked them their names.

A little boy stepped forward, he was about eleven. “Did you find my dad? They took him, last night, for questioning, but I knew better, everyone does, people don’t come back.” he started to sob.

Simone felt sorry for the kid. She stepped forward and knelt down in front of him. “What’s your name?”

The fair skinned boy looked her in the eyes “Trey, Trey Bergovitch.”
Surprise sprung to Simone and Kurt’s faces, they said together:

“Arsenic’s son?”

Trey nodded. “Yeah”, Simone continued, “he’s part of our team…”


Cameron and the rest of the team walked into the room, to find five strangers and Kurt and Simone. They rushed forward. Cameron glanced at them.

Kurt looked serious, Simone’s face dropped and Trey smiled. He ran and gave Arsenic a hug. Cameron looked to Kurt curiously. Kurt opened his mouth to explain the situation but Cameron interrupted:

 “Save the story till later, we need to go”; he said sternly “they’ve got machine gunners at every exit and we need to get out, because they’ve got guards in this place, patrolling, we just fought and killed about fifty.”

The four prisoners that stayed looked terrified. One of them piped up, “We are going to die aren’t we?” The team laughed.

“No, we aren’t, we will get out of here no problem, I promise you, we promise you.” Cameron wasn’t entirely sure if that was true though.


They were out again, searching the corridors, looking for an exit when, bullets ricocheted off the walls. They all screamed out of surprise and shock.  Everyone dropped to the floor. Kurt and Gabrielle grabbed each other and charged forward, crawling on their stomachs, intending to try and fight. They breached the dust and saw about forty guards, all running forward, about to try and kill the eleven people.  Gabrielle screamed, alerting the machine gunners to start up again.

Kurt sighed and pulled Gabrielle back into the dust, where there was a less likely chance they would be shot. When they reached the others Kurt informed them on what they were facing.

“Shit”, Cameron moaned.

And then they were a blast, a blast of blue immense energy. It illuminated the dust cloud and they could see every guard falling to the ground, either dead or seriously injured. The machine guns exploded, sending sparks and fire everywhere. Arsenic grinned.

 ‘How did that happen?’ Cameron wondered to himself.

“C’mon”, Cameron said, “let’s get out of here.”


When they finally found their way out, through big heavy metal doors, they came out on a huge courtyard. The team instantly regretted it. There were hundreds of guards all lined with guns and swords and other various different weapons.  It scared everyone. It was perilous, maybe even suicidal, but what it did most was excite the team. The six of them spread out in a line facing the hundreds of guards.  Cameron beckoned the other five. Trey was the only one who didn’t hesitate. He lined up beside his father happily. The others feebly lined up behind them. Then the guards started shooting.

There were bullets flying everywhere, everyone dodging them masterfully, even the five who were reluctant. They seemed to have concluded it would just be easier to fight.  They were all young, two men and two women. One of the men, about in his twenties with bright red hair, jumped and landed on four paws. He had turned into a fox. He ran forward with newly founded confidence and jumped into a crowd of guards. He didn’t get shot or killed miraculously.  His name was Jesse Anderson, but was nicknamed ‘Red’ because of his hair. He bit and tore into guard after guard, without a scratch. Wolfie wasn’t impressed; he shifted into his wolf form, losing all his clothes. He raged on through the small army killing them swiftly and easily.

Simone ran towards one of the surrounding walls and jumped; she grabbed onto a ledge and swung herself over onto a platform that ran all the way around the court yard. She looked around her and spotted a gun. It was a sniper to be exact. She picked it up and made sure it was loaded. She then began sniping guards at will.

Cameron still had a few bullets in his revolver. He shot a couple of guards and put it away. He ran on and started to fight with his hands. He snapped a few necks and kicked a few spines. He was starting to have fun.

One of the women, who had come with the team from the room where they had been imprisoned, was small and petite. Her name was Jenna Vilk. She produced a couple of coin like objects and they enlarged into big metal disks. She flung them at the machine guns and they blew up. She then went along killing guards with them.

The other man produced a long wooden cane. His name was Riley Beavers.  He walked fast with it, swinging and jabbing at guards. He swiftly dodged a guard with a sword and clicked his fingers. A shard of blue light sparked and the man turned to dust. Cameron spotted it and he laughed.

‘That man might not know it, but he’s our ticket out.’ he thought to himself.

Gabrielle sprouted her wings and took to the sky. She ducked and dived attacking numerous guards, kicking and punching. Her scarlet red hair matched her wings. She dodged bullets, but was unfortunate to get hit by one just under the shoulder, right where her wing connected to her body. She dropped to the ground like a ton of bricks.

Kurt snapped a man’s neck and grabbed his gun. He started shouting and shooting, almost instantly.

The second woman took out two whips and whipped three oncoming guards.  Her name was Emily Aramid.  She choked another one and dodged a bullet. She glanced at the man with the cane. She was attracted to him but felt sorry for him at the same time. They had burned his eyes out with acid. He was blind now, but he could see through vibrations in the ground, he could also control plasma energy the one he was killing people with.

The numbers of guards reduced dramatically. There were barely a hundred left. Cameron made his way over to Riley. He said:

“Son we got to get outta here”, he continued, “I need you to create a ball of energy like the one you blew up in the tunnel. Can you do that?”

Riley looked up at him. His sockets were empty. Cameron nodded and said “I know what they did. But it doesn’t matter, I’ll get you a pair of eyes, they won’t work but I know you can see because of the vibrations.”

Riley looked taken back “Thanks mister. How do you know? I know you’re invisible too.” He continued “I’ll do it.”

He snapped his fingers out and a ball of energy exploded from them. It blasted towards the remaining soldiers and they turned to ash instantly. Everyone cheered. They were safe.


With everyone acquainted, Jesse and Wolfie dressed and back to human form, Cameron stood up. There were back in the old abandoned ware house they had set up their base in years ago. It got reactivated but shut down again. It was full of wooden crates and other items. The team had split and went separate ways about a year ago, and when they heard word of Arsenic being captured, they decided to get back together to break him out.

“So”, Cameron said happily “We made it”, everyone cheered, “and” he continued, “The teams back together, and with five new members as well, not a bad day.” He nodded. “And I would like to make a toast”, He said taking his wine glass “To the Imaginary Fiends!”

~ Flame


  1. Sorry if I'm mistaken about this but wasn't the point of the Secret Santa story to have the person you were given in the story? Unless this sin't the Secret Santa and I'm confused.

    I really liked the story though! Well done!