Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Purple Rose of Glittah!

*Please note. This is a Purple Roses story that takes place shortly after the current story takes place. This is dedicated to Legolas.

The winter sun shone brightly on the blond curls of Legolas as she walked through the streets of London giving her an angelic appearance. Stylishly dressed in a trench coat she became the focus of many wondering eyes. She was on a mission though and didn't take any notice of the double takes she was getting. Instead she adjusted her sun glasses and frowned a bit. Someone had told her that London was usually foggy and cold this time of year. Clearly they lied. While it was somewhat chilly it was nothing to the December winters back home in Connecticut. There was not even snow here. Nor was their any fog. The Christmas lights that decorated the town looked odd and out of place in the unusual weather.
“So much for the land of Sherlock Holmes.” She muttered disappointed.
She loved mystery and on a day like today there was no hint of mystery anywhere.
“Focus, Legolas.” She breathed softly trying to remember the whole point of her being there in London.
It was she who had been selected by the Board of Purple Roses to fly to England to recruit another member. At Christmas time. The usual English agents who did the missions in the U.K were all busy on another important assignment or on break.
Legolas casually slipped out from her bag the photo of the girl she was to recruit. Genesis Aggelos. The picture showed a girl with soft blond hair framing the delicate face of a classic English beauty. It had been recently discovered that the girl possessed many talents and abilities the agency sought. Trouble was, other agency's wanted her too. The Purple Roses had to get to her first.
Lego felt her heart quicken and hastily put the picture away. But she could not get the image out of her mind of those glorious intelligent eyes. What was this strange pull she was feeling? She had not even met this girl yet,. Legolas reached the front steps of a town home and took another deep breath. It was time to be professional. The others where counting on her.
She quickly pulled her face into a professional friendly smile and was about to knock when the door was opened and SHE was standing there.
Genesis posed there for a moment with a mild surprised look on her perfect face. It looked like she had been heading out for a meeting some place else.
“Miss Aggelos?” Legolas inquired politely with a slightly raised eyebrow.
“Yes. That's me.” She responded, an look of dawning understanding unfolding across her features. “You must be Legolas. The agent from the Purple Roses. You are early.”
Legolas gulped feeling slightly outdone by the brilliant smile given by one Miss Aggelos.
“No.” She responded, somewhat flustered while trying to keep her professional voice. “I have the time right here. Three O'clock in the afternoon we are to meet right here. Agent Kallista even set the time for me.......”
Legolas let her sentence trail off and she faceplamed. Genesis laughed softly.
“It's noontime.” Genesis smiled. “Perhaps the jet leg has gotten you confused. It happens to everyone.”
“No.” Legolas muttered softly, vowing to get her hands around Kallista's neck when she got back. “It is purely my fault. In the last minutes before leaving to come here a fellow co-agent came to “help” me out. I should have double checked knowing who it was who helped me. I apologize.”
Legolas tried to keep the flush from spreading over her cheeks but it was too late. Things were not going good. Little did she know they were about to become worse.
His voice was oddly high pitched and sounded familiar.
“How strange.” Genesis murmured peering around Lego at the vendor on the street. “We usually don't get vendors of that sort anymore. Certainly not selling something so random. How curious.”
“Indeed.” Lego nodded trying to keep the strain from her voice. She needed to get to the vendor before things became more awkward.
“I am sorry Miss Legolas. I really must go now to my other appointment.” Genesis smiled. “I promise I will be back here at three O'clock and we can discuss our business then.”
Lego nodded and stepped aside for her.
“I look forward to it Miss Aggelos.”
Lego waited for just a few more moments before rushing down the steps and towards the vendor.
“Kallista Pendragon! What are you doing here?” Lego hissed at her softly.
“Well! Hello there little lady!” Kallista laughed with false bravado , nervously trying to maintain her disguise.
Lego looked on in disbelief at the getup Kallista was in. Wearing bright blue trousers with a matching shirt, a tie with the Hello Kitty trademark on it, a badly placed gray wig resembling that of an old balding man and a hairy thing under her nose which Lego presumed was meant to be a mustache. The worst think of the whole outfit was the sparkling rainbow suspenders Kallista was wearing. On second thought, the suspenders were really epic in Legos mind and she wanted them. Badly. But they did not work well with the rest of Kallie's odd disguise. Nothing worked well. But there was Kallista beaming at her proudly. The mustache started to slip off but Kallista didn't appear to notice.
“Hey! Lego!” She whispered in an over loud conspiratorial voice while leaning in close.”It's really me! Kallista!”
“Yes, Kallista.” Lego half turned away rolling her eyes as she sighed. “I called out your name. Remember?”
“Oh, yeah!” Kal responded, looking at Lego with admiration in her eyes. “You are REALLY good at this!”
“Yeah, sure.” Lego responded then asked in a low voice.”Why are you here?”
Kal masked her face into one of intense drama. “I came to warn you about the time. It is NOT the correct time.”
Lego faceplamed. Again.
“Yes. I found that out Kallista.”She muttered wearily. “ Did you REALLY come to England just for that?”
Legolas' phone vibrated just then and she looked down at the text message. It was from Lizzy.
“Hmmm..It appears you are on a training exercise in the art of disguise. I am suppose to be the observer in addition to my other duties.” She finished reading out loud in a dry voice. “Lizzy says you where suppose to come tomorrow.”
“But that's today!' Kallista insisted. “I checked the times myself.”
“Of course you did.” Lego muttered exasperated. “Hold on a minute Kal. I am going to text Lizzy.”
She wandered a few feet away while Kal opened up a fortune.
“Cool!” She heard Kal exclaim. “It says that I am going to meet a man in a uniform. I LOVE men in uniform!”
Lego shook her head and turned away and began to text. So involved in her conversation with Lizzy she didn't notice the commotion behind her right away. When she did, her jaw dropped open and she groan inwardly. Oh WHY did she have to be stuck with Kallista?
A London policeman stood there questioning Kallista. Lego suspected a local resident had noticed the unusual activity outside their home and had called the cops.
“What is you name sir?” The cop was asking again, politely but firmly.
Kallista looked slightly panicked. Clearly she had not thought things through. Then she got that “Aha face” where she thought she could outwit another person. Lego wanted to run and hide.
“No! What's YOUR name?” Kal spoke in an exaggerated voice and tried to stand taller then the cop.
The cop was not amused.
“ I am the police Sir, and have been called to investigate a disturbance here. Unless you cooperate I will be forced to arrest you.”
“GUS!” Kallista blurted out suddenly, wild eyed.
The cop hesitated for a moment before speaking again. “Pardon me?”
“My name is Gus!” Kallista repeated as she smirked, proud of her “quick” thinking.
Lego sighed and begin texting again. No doubt the Roses where going to be busy getting Kallista out of another jam.
She was right. A moment later after “Gus” failed to produce a license for selling on the streets, Kallista panicked. Wildly she pointed above the police man's head and shouted.
He merely raised an eyebrow at her. Kallista made a weird grunting noise as she threw a handful of fortune cookies at the policeman and dashed madly off. It was yet another epic fail for Kallista's training. As the startled policeman took off after the oddly dressed “Gus” Legolas counted in her head the number of fails Kallista had just in the art of disguise. She lost count. She saw the man take out his radio and call for help.
Sighing she started walking in the direction that Kallista had taken off in. Casting one last lingering look back at Genesis's town home, she called Lizzy instead of texting. If Kallista made her miss this meeting, she was not sure she could forgive her.
“Let me guess. Kallista messed up again.” Lizzy's voice greeted her.
“She's being pursued by the local authorities now.” Lego confirmed grimly. “The scheduled meeting maybe delayed.”
“I have some agents nearby in Scotland on a mission. I will send them to help diffuse the situation immediately. Hang tight!” Lizzy replied then hung up.
Lego put her phone away, her mood getting bleaker just like the weather. What happened to the sun? It was getting chillier too. She glanced up at the sky to see the gray clouds rolling in blocking out the sun. Just a day till Christmas yet already the fifth day of Chanukah. It was a time to celebrate yet here she was far from home in the middle of yet another rescue mission to help Kallista.
Rounding the corner in a sprint she stopped suddenly at the mass of people who were gathered in the park square. Straining her eyes she searched the crowd for her wild insane friend. It was the police man she spotted first. He was with some friends by now and all of them cops. They were just beginning to surround the park when the mass of people broke into a song. It was a flash mob.
“Of course!” Legolas shook her head exasperated. “What next?”
She never should have said that.
Unable to get free from the mob where she had tried to hide, Kallista now found herself trapped with all the singing dancing people. The cops wisely hung back and waited for their prey to emerge. But Kallista saw them. Eying them crazily she did her best to blend in with the mob who were doing a sort of Scottish Highland dance. It was quite the spectacle; a supposedly older middle age man with rainbow suspenders, dancing strangely and out of sync. In horror Lego watched helplessly at what happened next. Trying to keep up with everyone, Kallista accidentally kicked the man in front of her. A series of events followed in quick succession. First Kallista's pants ripped when she did a weird leapy thing. Next the guy who was kicked fell into the next person who then fell into the next person creating a domino effect. In a matter of seconds everyone had fallen and the music had stopped.
The pedestrians who were watching gasped as soon the only one left standing was a weird looking older man with sparkling rainbow suspenders and torn pants; bright pink undies showing through the butt area. Kallista looked around uncertain and a bit sheepish and gave a sort of awkward wave. Then the clasps on the suspenders broke snapping Kallista in the face and her ripped pants drooped down around her ankles.
“Move in!” The cop close to Lego signaled the other cops.
Lego had to get to Kallista first! But the flash mob and pedestrians had other idea. Almost rising as one and with one mind, the enraged crowd of people stood and someone shouted.
Kallista screamed crazily and began running as fast as she could, leaping out of the trousers as she did so. The policemen did their best to get through the crowd but there was no stopping the angry mob.
Lego stood there a moment stunned when she noticed something. One person remained behind from the mob. It was none other then Genesis. The beautiful blond was bending over the castoff remains of the pants, the rainbow suspenders still attached. Legolas approached her carefully.
“I did not know you would be part of the flash mob.” Lego remarked, surprised.
“Yes.” Genesis replied with a smile. “This was the appointment I had to leave for earlier.”
Genesis looked down at the suspenders.
“Looks like it can be fixed.” She said with a spark in her eyes. “I am glad. It's made with glitter and I just love glitter!”
“Really?” Lego replied, her eyes widening. “So do I!”
Gen raised her head and looked at Lego with a half smile.
“I think I might like you.” Genesis quipped.
Legolas laughed. The feeling was mutual.
“So you are an agent for the Purple Roses.” Genesis looked at her admiringly. It was a good feeling.
“That is correct. I see you read the brief synopsis I sent you.” Legolas responded, pleased.
“Yes, I did . I also saw the other offer from the other agency. But I think I like your offer better.” Genesis replied. “I feel that I am a better fit with your agency, that my talents will be utilized better there. Besides, I have a feeling that this is where I should be. I always trust my gut feelings.”
Lego smiled and nodded in approval. It was always best to trust your gut feelings.
A growing noise interrupted her interlude with Genesis. It was Kallista running back. The wig she had been wearing had fallen off long ago revealing a mass of knotted up black hair that stuck up everywhere.
Genesis and Lego watched open mouth as Kallista started running in slow motion with hands outstretched as if nearing the finishing point of a race. The theme from Chariots of Fire could be heard coming from her as she won her imaginary race. Then remembering she was being chased, she gave another shriek of terror and raced past Lego and Genesis.
“HELP ME!” She blurted as she streaked past. Then. “I'M STILL BEAUTIFUL!”
“Friend of yours?” Genesis cocked her head at Lego.
“ guess in a way....” Lego shoved her hands in her trench coat pocket.
Genesis only laughed. “I guess I definitely won't be bored with your agency!”
The mob reached them and then passed them, still in search of the flash mob wrecker.
“Should we help her?” Genesis asked.
“Help is already here.” Lego told her as she looked up, smiling.
From high up a helicopter appeared. Three figures dressed all in black with face masks dropped down form the helicopter. One person stayed just behind the mob while the other two took off in opposite directions. Just in time too, Legolas thought as she saw Kallista had stopped and was facing everyone.
Fireworks lit up the winter skies coming from the single hooded figure. The mob turned around and quieted down while watching the firework display.
Kallista too watched it open mouthed. “SO beautiful-”
She was cut off as one of the other figures in black came up behind her and grabbed her. Putting an arm around her waist the figure shot back up to the sky. When Lego looked again the other two men were beside them.
“We need to go now Lego.” Niall said.
Lego obediently grabbed hold of him even as he put his arms around her.
“You ready, Hellboy?” Niall asked his partner who was with Genesis.
“Hell, yeah! Let's go!” Was the enthusiastic reply.
Then they too were pulled back up into the helicopter.
Once in the helicopter, Lego moved to go sit near the front as it flew away. Kallista was there leaning her head on Octaboona's shoulder.
“My hero.” She murmured into his ear.
“My dear?” He whispered back.
“You lost your trousers again.”
“Trousers are so overrated.” She smiled secretly.
Lego just stared.
“You planed this whole thing didn't you?” She accused Kallista in astonishment as realization struck her. “You knew ahead of time about Genesis, the flash mob, EVERTHING! You put this all together just to be rescued by Octaboona!”
Lego took a moment to glace incredulous at Genesis then back at Kallista who was suddenly asleep.
“Faker!” Lego sneered while shaking her head.
Kallista giggled and snuggled closer to Octa only to pause long enough to open an eye, wink then nod towards Genesis who was chatting with Hellboy.
All three of the boys had taken off their masks by then. Niall made his way towards the pilots chair where a lovely redhead was flying the helicopter.
Legolas took the opportunity to go sit beside Genesis who was still holding on to the rainbow suspenders.
“Here. I think you should have these.” Genesis said. “It's Christmas time. My present to you.”
Carefully Lego took the sparkling colorful suspenders and knew this would always be a treasured object. It had brought into her life a kindred spirit.
“Thank you Genesis.” Lego smile.
“Call me Gen.” She nodded.
Hellboy came back to them with a couple of glasses and some eggnog.
“Cheers you all!” He hugged them after he poured them the drink. “ MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY CHANUKAH!”
They all raised their glasses except Kallista who was not allowed any eggnog.
“You get too insane!” Venice shouted back from the front over the noise of the helicopter. “Well, insaner!”
Kallista grumbled as everyone laughed. Legolas relaxed for the first time in a while. She was on her way home and as she looked outside, she saw it was snowing. The best part was that she was surrounded by her friends and the beginning of a promising new one. It was something to celebrate.
“I love you guys!” She smiled.
“We love you too!” Kallista launched herself at Lego in a hug.
As they both fell backwards off the seat, a small bottle of something fell from Kallista's breast pocket.
For a second they all looked at it blankly then Hellboy shouted. “IT'S ONE OF KALLISTA'S GLITTER BOMBS! DIVE FOR COVER!”
He dove madly away, covering his head as he did so. The others followed his example.
Then as if on cue the tiny bomb exploded covering Lego and Kallista with glitter.


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    You are so talented my love. You make me laugh every time. Your sense of humour and wit are always impeccable. Love this and love you!

    French the Llama the scene with me was so cute :)
    "Trousers are overrated" Amazing :)
    Well done my dear.
    Excellent writing as ususal.
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  4. This is brilliant, Kal xD

    Damn, very funny :,D I loved it, as with all the Purple Roses short stories. You just have this way of perfectly balancing silliness and extreme humor- well done!

    Rainbow suspenders... xD


    *dives dramatically to the ground*

    This is great Kal! :D I like the touch with the highland flash bomb and the glittery suspenders. Great job! :D *huggles*

  6. Aww! That was awesome :D
    I LOVED it! I always love your stories Kal!