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Hey, Everyone, Go Back to Blogland!

Blogland needs you, my friends.
I miss you.
I miss ALL of the old-timers, and I would just.... LOVE to see you in Blogland again.

Besides, showing up and chatting like you own the place is exceedingly enjoyable :}

I know, I know, everyone is strange and new. I think every time I go to Blogland now-a-days I meet someone new, but hey, meeting someone new eliminates a strange new person to meet. Plus, if we all go back, even it's slowly, even it's once-a-month or less, we'll find each other.

Don't feel like it's useless. Even if you can only hang out for ten minutes, GO. Chat for ten minutes, then leave if you must. Don't disappear forever. Nothing is worth losing your friends because you're just so busy. If you try, I know you can make a little time. :D

Please come back. :]
I love you guys, and Dereksville Blogland desperately needs your crazy, brilliant, fun, adorable, creative awesome-sauce and epica spontaneity!

When you read this, post it on your own blogs [re-awaken the magic of them!] or email it to a friend from Blogland you haven't spoken with for who-knows-how-long.
Let's rekindle the old-timers.
Let's rekindle our own, special place again.
I miss it, and I desperately miss you.

~hugs a million times over~

I hope I see you soon!!!! :D

Sunday, September 23, 2012

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY NJ-PART 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YES! As the title suggests, the utterly BRILLIANT NJ is recieving two prezzies from me :P Part 2 shall be here within a few days, but it is a story that stemmed from this picture. I hope you approve NJ ;)

Happiest of Birthdays (belated- sorry...) to you my incredible friend :) Hope it was a total blast, and once again, i appologise for not being around enough :( I miss you guys...
But stay tuned for the story to this pic!! Hope you like it NJ :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Hellboy!!

The clock in his study struck mid-night. Israel looked up from the papers before him and looked out the window to see the rain pouring down, sliding down the pain of glass. He sighed. It was his birthday today, he was now one hundred and sixty-five yet he didn't look a day over twenty five. Absent mindlessly he started fiddling around with a pocket-watch that was on his desk. A knock came at the study door. He looked in the doors direction and called, "Come in!"
Kallista emerged from behind the door followed by Thalia, Rachel, Octa and Gepard. Kallista held something behind her back and she was smiling. All eyes were on him making him slightly uncomfortable. "What?"
They all looked at one another and back to him, smiles spreading across all of their faces and in unison shouted, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISRAEL!"
Kallista produced from behind her back a rather large purple cupcake with a single candle, bring a lighter from out of his pocket Gepard lit it up. They set it in front of him.
"Make a wish," Thalia said, excitement evident in her voice.
Israel, not seeing the point in argueing closed his eyes, made a wish and blew out the candle. When he opened his eyes none of them were standing before him anymore.
It was as if they disappeared. He looked around, checking to see if one of the girls was hiding behind one of the sofas, waiting to jump out at him. None of them were. Suddenly Israel found himself seraching the whole of Elysium Asylum. A knock came to the door which he, naturally, went to answer. When he opened the door he seen a drenched NJ Maverick standing before him. "NJ, why are you all wet? Didn't it at all occur to you to bring an umberella? Better yet, where is your car?"
NJ raised the broken umberella into Israel's view explaining without speaking the umberella perdicament. "As for the car, it broke down a mile up the road. seven cars drove past not one having the certisy to stop and offer me a lift, instead splashed more water over me. It really is beginning to flood. So instead of bringing me inside where I can dry off, you keep me out in the rain to explain myself, increasing my chances of hypothermia. Well done."
"Oh God, sorry." Israel stepped aside to let the young woman in.
As Israel went to get her a blanket, NJ sat infront of the fire blazing in what could only be described as a living room. It was incredibly homely. Israel arrived back with the blanket and handed it to her. She took it gratefully and wrapped it round herself. She looked around and noticed something was different. "It's awfully quiet Israel. Where's Octa and everyone? I would have thought they'd still be walking about now, you are all practically nocturnal anyway." She joked, but Israel didn't even crack a smile. "Israel, what is it?"
"Earlier on I was in my study and just after midnight they came in- Kal, Octa, Thalia, Gepard and Rachel- they came in to wish me happy birthday. They gave me a cupcake and told me to make a wish. I closed my eyes made my wish, blew out the candle. Then, when I opened my eye, they were gone. I looked all over the house. At first I thought they were playing a practical joke. Now, I'm not so sure. That's when you arrived and brought us to this point in time."
NJ looked at him a moment and was suddenly stifling a laugh. Israel looked at her in disbelief. How could she be laughing now? Their friends had just disappeared and she was laughing! Well, trying not to. "What is so damn funny?"
"I know, I shouldn't laugh. It's just, it always happens!"
"What always happens?"
NJ gave him a look. "Come on. Don't tell me you haven't noticed. Every single one of our birthdays, something has come up, then we end up sorting it out with enough time to celebrate not only the victory, but also the persons birthday! It's just one of those days. It'll all be fine. It will all work out." She waved her hand dismissively.
"This is different. Our friends have disappeared!"
"On my birthday, Kallista shrunk me down so tiny, a kitten that I was given for my birthday started chasing my around trying to eat me! It was rather funny. "

One second Israel was blowing out the birthday candle, next he was gone. Kallista looked over in the direction of where Rachel should have been standing, but she was also gone. So was Gepard. Only Octa and Thalia remained. The three of them looked at one another, trying to figure out what had just happened. It made no sense. How could three of their friends just disappear like that?

"What just happened?" Gepard asked spinning on his heels, only to see Rachel standing there in just as much confusion as he was. "Where did they go?"
"I don't know." Was all Rachel could say, because honestly she had no clue as to what had just happened. All she knew was, that they were by themselves and they couldn't change that unless they figured out what had caused it in the first place.

NJ sighed. "Okay, joking aside, it is weird that they just disappeared without a trace. We need to back up a few steps. You make a wish, blow out the candle, then you open your eyes and they just disappeared. So, what did you wish for?"
"I wished time could just stop." Israel's eyes widened a fraction in realization. He looked at the watch on his wrist, it wasn't working, it had stopped. NJ pulled out her phone and looked at the time on it.
"Surely it's later than four minutes past midnight," she said.
"It is."
"That's the time it says on my watch but it isn't working. It's just stopped." They looked at each other and then looked at the huge grand-father clock resting in the corner of the room. It, too, was no longer working. Time had just stopped. "Wow. I have never had that happen before."
"Had a birthday wish come true."
"Well, it's not exactly one you would want to come true now is it? Our friends are now missing. I bet they're in another second."
Israel groaned and muttered, "This is not how I expected my birthday turning out to be like."
"Hey, don't blame yourself. How were you to know? Besides, I take fault. I am the birthday jinx."
"How do you come to that conclusion?"
"Well all my friends so far have had to put up with something happening on their birthday. Rachel being chased through Belfast by two vampires. Raven and the stake out. Me being turned into a little speck. And now this. So now I am the birthday Jinx. It is official. I am making it official! And so, as a result, I must have a new name. I shall now be known as NJ Jinxie Maverick." NJ looked proud that she had now come up with a new name for herself.
"Um, you know the 'j' in 'NJ' could stand for Jinxie. Also, what does the 'N' stand for?"
"An Irish name, meaning 'bright'. I am a rather bright person. Also, thank you so very much."
"For what?"
"Ruining my proud moment. I was very proud of coming up with that name and now it's ruined."
"I did not. NJ you are just jealous that I am more awesome than you. Everyone is. It's okay though, I understand. Some people have trouble being around me. They make slip ups because they are in awe of my awesomeness."
"Israel, I get it you think your awesome. You don't need to remind us. We need to fix this."
"Quite right." Israel looked about, and then back to NJ. "How do we do that?"
NJ looked at him a moment then rose to her feet muttering something about he should have a better in sight on what to do seeing as he was the old timer out of the two of them. "Let's look in this library that I've heard so much about."
Israel rose to his feet and cut in front of her to lead the way.

Rachel and Gepard met up with each other again back at the study after searching the house from head to toe half an hour later. Upon the sight of Gepard Rachel shook her head. "Nothing. Not a single thing. It's like they've all just, disappeared off the face of the earth. Also, the grand-father clock in the living room seems to have broken. The same also applies for the clock in the kitchen, hall and music room."
"That's strange. That's the same for the clocks on bedside tables and the library. They all seemed to stop at four minutes past twelve. Why would all the clocks have stopped?"
Rachel shrugged. They needed to do something. But what? They didn't even know how this came to happen. If they knew, it could really help them. "Let's try and find something in the library. There must be something in there that'll help."
Gepard nodded and they made there way to the library. Not knowing what to make of the turn of events they walked in silence.

Thalia, Octa and Kallista sat flicking through books in the library. They all decided that would be their first course of action. Kallista and Thalia looked from what they were reading with stinging eyes. They had to have been reading through the assortment of books for at least an hour non-stop. "What time is it?" Thalia asked as she yawned.
Octa now looked up from the material he had been reading and looked at his watch. He frowned, "My watch is broken. Check the clock at the door, Thalia."
Thalia stiffly rose to her feet and went to look at the clock. When she came back she too was frowning. "The clock is broken. There is no way it is still just after midnight. It must be at least two now."
"Okay, this isn't funny anymore." Kallista said rising to her feet. The usually bubbly girl was now stressing and pacing back and forth. Octa rose to his feet and laid a comforting hand on her shoulder.
"It's going to be alright. We'll figure this out." He said softly.

NJ sat on one of the library tables, her leg crossed and she was sitting reading an old leather bound book about time. Israel sat on a chair reading a similar looking book about wishes. The library had so many books about many different things. It was almost as good as the library China Sorrows once had in Ireland.
"Hey, I think I found something," Israel whispered as he stood up to show NJ. She looked up at him, pulling out a megaphone from behind her back she raised it to her lips and said loudly, "Why are you whispering?"
Israel looked at her and said quietly, "We are in a library."
A bit louder. "We are in a library."
"Israel, I can't hear you and I'm not very good at lip reading."
A bit louder again. "We are in a library."
"Israel seriously your going to have to speak up."
Fed up he snatched the megaphone out of NJ's hands and yelled, "WE ARE IN A LIBRARY!"
"Shhh," NJ said raising her index finger to her lips, making the well known silence sign and whispered, "We're in a library."
Israel stared at the largely smiling girl and sighed. "Just look at this, will you?"
NJ lifted the book up and rested it on her legs, Israel pointed to the paragraph he wanted her to read:

'Throughout many centuaries it has be seen that 'birthday wishes' have come true, particularly within the sorcerer community. Although, it is still a rarity in that circumstance. It has also be seen that the wish can take its own form interpreting it in the way it sees fit, which is not always the 'wisher' intends it to turn out.
The most well known case of wishes to come true are birthday wishes. Research into the hypothesis has shown that the wishes have more-often-than-not come true with non-believers in the old tale.'

NJ looked up from the book. "Whoa. That is pretty intense. So, it is established, you made a birthday wish and it came true. Which led us up to now. That's just... wow."
"Right, seeing as I am awesome," he said, muttering something like 'and how it is also my fault'. "I am going to figure out a way to fix everything."

Rachel walked through the library four times, not a clue as to what sort on book she should be looking for. She passed Gepard three times and when she looked at him she could tell he was just at as much of a loss as she was. She was about to pass him again when she seen him looking at a book with a look that told her he may have found something useful. She walked over and looked over his shoulder. He had his finger at the start of a line and was slowly moving it down the page. Clearly to lake sure he didn't lose where he was at. Rachel started at the top of the Paragraph he was reading:

'Time is broken down in many ways, seconds, minutes hours ect. It has been believed over the years that there is a way that time can be harnessed and controlled. One sorcerer TickTock McClock.'

Rachel looked up from the book at that point. "Gep, please tell me I misread that name."
Gepard looked over his shoulder at her, "Sadly not. Apparently his name is in fact TickTock McClock." His voice started choking up at the name, forcing himself to not laugh at the name. Rachel pushed her lips together, they quivered as she too forced herself not to laugh. Neither of them could help it, soon enough they were rolling on the floor laughing. Quite literally.

NJ handed a book to Israel. "Look at this."
Israel looked over and seen instantly what she was talking about. There was a depiction of a pocket watch on the page, and it was familiar to him. His hand was in his pocket pulling out a pocket watch Identical to the one in the picture. "It's the exact same. I was fiddling about with this earlier on. I wasn't really paying attention. But it never worked before. Why would it work now?"
"Magic of a wish? When you made your wish were you holding the watch?"
"I was."
"Israel," NJ said as she took the watch out of his hand. "I think we have figured out how to fix this mess."
A smile spread across their faces, then Israel's faltered. "How do we fix this mess?"
NJ looked at him a moment, then walked away. She called over her shoulder, "Show me where the study is!"
He jogged to catch up then lead the way.
When they arrived at the study NJ walked over to the table, pulled out her own lighter and lit the candle. She held the cupcake out to Israel and said, "Make a birthday wish birthday boy."
Israel looked at her then the cupcake and back again, "See, this shows how down right awesome I am, I get not only a birthday wish, but I get two birthday wishes. All because I am awesome!"
"Just make the wish and get our friends back"
Israel closed his eyes. Holding the pocket watch in his hand, just to be on the safe side, he made the wish. With one blow, the candle was out. He opened his eyes and looked around. Only NJ stood there. He slouched.
"What's wrong?" NJ asked.
"Can't you see? It didn't work!"
"How can you be sure? They may have gone around looking, just like you did."
Suddenly Israel was bolting out the door, calling his friends names. NJ followed. A voice came, "Israel?" It was Rachel's voice. Within a matter of seconds she came skidding along the floor and crashed right into him. The both toppled to the ground. NJ looked at the two of them. Out of nowhere, suddenly Gepard was in the mix as well. And before anyone could even process it, so was Kallista and Thalia. They were all on the ground trying to escape the mass of twisted and tangled bodies. All of them complaining and shouting:
"Ow, that's my foot."
"Get off me, you are squishing my beautiful face."
"Please, get off! Your crushing my bladder and I badly need to pee as it is."
"Ew, we really didn't need to hear that!"
Only Octa seemed to mamgage not getting into the tangle and went and stood by NJ. "Bet you twenty pounds it takes them more than ten minutes."

Israel sat at his desk, finishing off the papers he hadn't managed to finish the previous night. It was seven thirty in the evening. A knock came at the door and Octa stepped in. He was carrying a clothes bag. "NJ demands your presence downstairs."
"Demands it? This is my home."
"She said and I quote- 'Get his Aussie Ass down here right now or I swear I will go up and drag him down, pull off that oh so loved trench coat of his and burn it.'"
Israel wasn't even going to risk the idea of losing his beloved trench coat. "She's threatened by the awesomeness of my coat isn't she? She is jealous that my coat and myself are more awesome than she is."
"Yes, that's what it is," Octa said in an unconvincing voice. "She also demands you to put on this."
Octa handed him the clothes bag. Israel pulled down the zip to reveal a clean, crisp bespoke tuxedo.

When they were in the hall Octa pulled out a scarf and wrapped it around Israel's eyes, cutting out all light. "Hey, what are you doing?!"
"NJ's orders."
Octa directed Israel downstairs and into the ballroom. It had been completely transformed. Ready for Israel's birthday party. Everyone was dressed up. Octa removed the scarf from around Israel's and everyone shouted, "SURPRISE!" It hit Israel like a wall of sound.
Israel looked around in shock. "What? How did you manage this?!"
Kallista stepped forward. Looking around she said in a 'whisper' "NJ has OCD with this sort of stuff."
Everyone laughed. Israel nodded, "Yes, it's because I am awesome. I understand. People don't need to remind me. I remind myself enough times. I am awesome."
Gepard walked over to the table that held the three birthday cakes, lifting up the smallest of the three (even though at that it was still huge) Walked up behind Israel and dumped it on him and shouted, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"
That, was when the food fight happened.

Sunday, December 25, 2011


To Venice:
Prologue:  The Fiends
Kurt Quezac landed heavily, crouched down on one knee. He had jumped from the rafters. He stood up hastily, careful to make no noise. Kurt pulled back his sleeve and desperately checked his watch. "Where are they?" he muttered, “There always late".

Simone rider pulled up on her luminous green motorbike. She looked up at the back of the scary looking detention facility. It was the complete package, surrounded with chain fences with barbed wire on top. "This'll be fun", she laughed.

Gabrielle Scarlet landed on the roof. She pulled in her scarlet, red wings and ran. She got to the centre of the roof and laughed hard. She couldn't wait.

Wolfie padded out of the forest. He was a wolf. He shifted back to human before someone saw. He was naked, so he looked around. There was the duffel bag. It was blue with a white strip. "Right where he said it would be." He quickly threw on the clothes within the bag.

Cameron Melic entered in through the front door. He glanced around quickly; making sure no one saw him. Well, saw his tan overcoat with big black buttons, the tan hat, the black leather gloves and his big black army boots. He was invisible, hence his nick name the invisible detective. Because that what he was a detective. He smirked. Cameron pulled his revolver and hastily moved down the corridor, his back against the wall.

The light burned into Arsenic Bergovitch's eyes. He cursed under his breath. Agent Langkill was shouting something. Of course Arsenic was being questioned, and by now quite possibly threatened. He wasn't listening though. He was being accused of being a traitor during the Second World War, he was German, and therefore was being questioned why he killed men on his own side. He just hoped 'they' would be here soon.  And how they would.



Kurt was getting impatient. He started pacing up and down the corridor. They were late, too late.  “C’mon, c’mon”, he repeated longingly. Footsteps. Kurt swung the back pack he was wearing around and pulled two hand guns, loaded them and pointed them at the source of the footsteps. Kurt saw the tan overcoat and relaxed. He pointed the guns downward. “You are late”, no matter how hard he tried, the annoyance in his voice still rung through.

Cameron laughed his hearty laugh. “Don’t be a baby, Kurt”.

“I’m not”, he crossed his arms like a five year old.

Cameron shook his head, causing the hat to move. Simone appeared out of nowhere, laughing.  “He’s acting like a five year old again isn’t he?” She stood on her tip toes and kissed Kurt on the forehead. That made him smile. It always did. Gabrielle appeared next, but brought trouble. She came running hard down the corridor.

“HELP!!” she screamed panting hard. She didn’t get in undetected. There were about sixteen guards running, following her down the damp corridor.

“Shit”, Kurt muttered. He threw the guns up fast and shot the gun hard and quickly. Two of the men fell, dead as a doorknob, while the rest pulled ak-47s down from straps on their backs.

“Dammit!” Cameron Shouted taking one out with his revolver with a shot through the skull. He turned and dived in against the wall. Gabrielle followed, landing hard her head hitting the wall. Kurt kept shooting. He had taken out most of them, seven left. The guns clicked, he was out of ammo, and unfortunately didn’t have any more. Simone ran off down a separate corridor, thinking of only getting away from the shoot out.

Kurt was an alleged hit man, the best in the business. He had dark brown hair, and pale white skin. He was trained with any weapon he could get his hands on. He pulled down the scythe he kept strapped to his back, for good measure he always said. Without a care in the world, as if it was a morning stroll, he ran hard at the guards. He jumped and did a front- flip, dodging an array of bullets. He landed right in front of the guards.

 “Hello”, he smiled cheerfully. Kurt slashed the scythe at one of the guards and severed him of his head, He spun quickly giving a sharp round house kick to another guards head, and then just before another one could shoot He elbowed him hard and low in the stomach.  All the guards he had just inflicted pain or death on, fell to the ground. Kurt rolled away and fired his scythe at a guard who followed him. The three remaining guards ran after him down the corridor.

Cameron got up and sighed. Wolfie strolled in. Gabrielle rushed over and kissed him on the lips. “Hey babe,” Wolfie said kissing her back.

“Adam!” Cameron growled.


“Where have you been?”

“Oh you see I’m after taking out twenty guards.”


Adam sighed. He brushed his long wavy brown hair out of his eyes. “I knew you wouldn’t believe me.” He handed Cameron his phone and showed him a photo of a pile of guards, bitten, torn and bloodied. “See?”

Cameron shook his head. “Lets go”, he said annoyed.



Arsenic collided with the floor hard. Langkill had lost it. He was gone red in the face, veins showing looking like they were about to pop. Arsenic had the ability to control fire, that’s how he got the nickname he had. He used to go around and burn down small cottages and wooden barns during the war. Langkill stood over him, screaming and spitting at Arsenic. It was swear words. Arsenic didn’t give a damn though, he also was very good at not listening…

He was running impatient, they should be here he kept telling himself. Some lot of good they were.  Rescuers they called themselves? More like dopey daydreamers.


Simone ran fast and skilfully, like she was taught when she was younger. She was the greatest pickpocket in the world, everyone seemed to have had said to her. Her family had been poor, but she had brought watches, wallets and other expensive items home for them. Her mother used to laugh at her sometimes on her ability to never be detected.

Her black silky hair shone in the dim lilted corridor now. She took a sharp right. Kurt flew straight into Simone, and they both fell onto the ground. “Ouch,” they both said in unison.

Cameron, Wolfie and Gabrielle made their way down a series of identical, dreary corridors. They were separated from Simone and Kurt, and god knows they were probably separated too. Cameron heard shouts and screams coming from the corridor just ahead. A man in his thirty’s came running down the hall a flaming, Smokey mess. Arsenic walked out of a room. Cameron laughed so did the others two.

“Ye took yer feckin time” Arsenic growled.


Simone and Kurt had gotten ultimately lost. The corridors were the same, damp, dark and dreary. Simone kept glancing back every few seconds just to make sure no one was following them although it was hardly likely. They just made there fifth right turn, and were fed up. Kurt pulled his mobile phone and rang Gabrielle. No signal. He looked around and saw loads of black solid oak doors, with big shiny brass handles. He sighed and said:

“Let’s look in there”, Kurt pointed to the nearest black door. Simone nodded. They walked over and pushed the big heavy door inwards. There were people in here, all chained up to the wall moaning and sobbing. Kurt looked horrified and quickly glanced doing a head count, everyone added up to at least twenty- five. He was about to run and stat breaking locks when he noticed something. A big metal throne was built right in the middle of the room. It was beautifully decorated with jewels. He knew exactly then it was a trap. Three heavily armed guards jumped out from behind the throne, they held spears and swords. The guards charged swiftly at Simone and Kurt.

Simone reacted quickly pulling two small flexible throwing knives. She threw one and it hit the guard who was nearest them in the chest with a hard thud. She jumped at one of the others and slashed his chest. He grabbed her hair and pulled her forward. Simone spun twisting the guards arm; she grabbed it and effectively shattered it. He fell to the ground.

Kurt kicked the remaining guard and sent him sprawling, quickly grabbed the guards spear and jabbed it straight through the helpless mans eyes. There was screams.  Simone ran over to a prisoner and started to break the chains, when another man walked out, in his late twenty’s or so.

The man introduced himself as Klaus. He had dark blue, cropped hair. He spoke with a high pitched voice.

“So you’re here to join my collection of freaks?”

“What?!?”  Simone and Kurt shouted together in disgust.

“Why these people here”, Klaus said indicating to the prisoners.

“There like us?” Simone asked horrified.

Klaus nodded. Kurt wanted to rush forward and break the man’s nose.  Simone had a similar feeling. Klaus laughed. “I’m like you, the two of you, you know.” he continued with outright disgust “I can read minds. And I just heard what both of you thought.”


“Oh yeah, right so, you can read minds? Huh?” Kurt shouted the next bit. “SO YOU CAN READ WHAT PAIN THESE PEOPLE ARE FEELING?”

He grabbed one of Simone’s daggers and threw it hard at Klaus. Klaus reacted swiftly and did a somersault and landed behind the throne. He then disappeared. The couple looked confused at first but, soon saw to letting the prisoners out, most of which ran off, down the mysterious maze of corridors and rooms.

All the prisoners were free, only five had stayed. Kurt asked them their names.

A little boy stepped forward, he was about eleven. “Did you find my dad? They took him, last night, for questioning, but I knew better, everyone does, people don’t come back.” he started to sob.

Simone felt sorry for the kid. She stepped forward and knelt down in front of him. “What’s your name?”

The fair skinned boy looked her in the eyes “Trey, Trey Bergovitch.”
Surprise sprung to Simone and Kurt’s faces, they said together:

“Arsenic’s son?”

Trey nodded. “Yeah”, Simone continued, “he’s part of our team…”


Cameron and the rest of the team walked into the room, to find five strangers and Kurt and Simone. They rushed forward. Cameron glanced at them.

Kurt looked serious, Simone’s face dropped and Trey smiled. He ran and gave Arsenic a hug. Cameron looked to Kurt curiously. Kurt opened his mouth to explain the situation but Cameron interrupted:

 “Save the story till later, we need to go”; he said sternly “they’ve got machine gunners at every exit and we need to get out, because they’ve got guards in this place, patrolling, we just fought and killed about fifty.”

The four prisoners that stayed looked terrified. One of them piped up, “We are going to die aren’t we?” The team laughed.

“No, we aren’t, we will get out of here no problem, I promise you, we promise you.” Cameron wasn’t entirely sure if that was true though.


They were out again, searching the corridors, looking for an exit when, bullets ricocheted off the walls. They all screamed out of surprise and shock.  Everyone dropped to the floor. Kurt and Gabrielle grabbed each other and charged forward, crawling on their stomachs, intending to try and fight. They breached the dust and saw about forty guards, all running forward, about to try and kill the eleven people.  Gabrielle screamed, alerting the machine gunners to start up again.

Kurt sighed and pulled Gabrielle back into the dust, where there was a less likely chance they would be shot. When they reached the others Kurt informed them on what they were facing.

“Shit”, Cameron moaned.

And then they were a blast, a blast of blue immense energy. It illuminated the dust cloud and they could see every guard falling to the ground, either dead or seriously injured. The machine guns exploded, sending sparks and fire everywhere. Arsenic grinned.

 ‘How did that happen?’ Cameron wondered to himself.

“C’mon”, Cameron said, “let’s get out of here.”


When they finally found their way out, through big heavy metal doors, they came out on a huge courtyard. The team instantly regretted it. There were hundreds of guards all lined with guns and swords and other various different weapons.  It scared everyone. It was perilous, maybe even suicidal, but what it did most was excite the team. The six of them spread out in a line facing the hundreds of guards.  Cameron beckoned the other five. Trey was the only one who didn’t hesitate. He lined up beside his father happily. The others feebly lined up behind them. Then the guards started shooting.

There were bullets flying everywhere, everyone dodging them masterfully, even the five who were reluctant. They seemed to have concluded it would just be easier to fight.  They were all young, two men and two women. One of the men, about in his twenties with bright red hair, jumped and landed on four paws. He had turned into a fox. He ran forward with newly founded confidence and jumped into a crowd of guards. He didn’t get shot or killed miraculously.  His name was Jesse Anderson, but was nicknamed ‘Red’ because of his hair. He bit and tore into guard after guard, without a scratch. Wolfie wasn’t impressed; he shifted into his wolf form, losing all his clothes. He raged on through the small army killing them swiftly and easily.

Simone ran towards one of the surrounding walls and jumped; she grabbed onto a ledge and swung herself over onto a platform that ran all the way around the court yard. She looked around her and spotted a gun. It was a sniper to be exact. She picked it up and made sure it was loaded. She then began sniping guards at will.

Cameron still had a few bullets in his revolver. He shot a couple of guards and put it away. He ran on and started to fight with his hands. He snapped a few necks and kicked a few spines. He was starting to have fun.

One of the women, who had come with the team from the room where they had been imprisoned, was small and petite. Her name was Jenna Vilk. She produced a couple of coin like objects and they enlarged into big metal disks. She flung them at the machine guns and they blew up. She then went along killing guards with them.

The other man produced a long wooden cane. His name was Riley Beavers.  He walked fast with it, swinging and jabbing at guards. He swiftly dodged a guard with a sword and clicked his fingers. A shard of blue light sparked and the man turned to dust. Cameron spotted it and he laughed.

‘That man might not know it, but he’s our ticket out.’ he thought to himself.

Gabrielle sprouted her wings and took to the sky. She ducked and dived attacking numerous guards, kicking and punching. Her scarlet red hair matched her wings. She dodged bullets, but was unfortunate to get hit by one just under the shoulder, right where her wing connected to her body. She dropped to the ground like a ton of bricks.

Kurt snapped a man’s neck and grabbed his gun. He started shouting and shooting, almost instantly.

The second woman took out two whips and whipped three oncoming guards.  Her name was Emily Aramid.  She choked another one and dodged a bullet. She glanced at the man with the cane. She was attracted to him but felt sorry for him at the same time. They had burned his eyes out with acid. He was blind now, but he could see through vibrations in the ground, he could also control plasma energy the one he was killing people with.

The numbers of guards reduced dramatically. There were barely a hundred left. Cameron made his way over to Riley. He said:

“Son we got to get outta here”, he continued, “I need you to create a ball of energy like the one you blew up in the tunnel. Can you do that?”

Riley looked up at him. His sockets were empty. Cameron nodded and said “I know what they did. But it doesn’t matter, I’ll get you a pair of eyes, they won’t work but I know you can see because of the vibrations.”

Riley looked taken back “Thanks mister. How do you know? I know you’re invisible too.” He continued “I’ll do it.”

He snapped his fingers out and a ball of energy exploded from them. It blasted towards the remaining soldiers and they turned to ash instantly. Everyone cheered. They were safe.


With everyone acquainted, Jesse and Wolfie dressed and back to human form, Cameron stood up. There were back in the old abandoned ware house they had set up their base in years ago. It got reactivated but shut down again. It was full of wooden crates and other items. The team had split and went separate ways about a year ago, and when they heard word of Arsenic being captured, they decided to get back together to break him out.

“So”, Cameron said happily “We made it”, everyone cheered, “and” he continued, “The teams back together, and with five new members as well, not a bad day.” He nodded. “And I would like to make a toast”, He said taking his wine glass “To the Imaginary Fiends!”

~ Flame

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Purple Rose of Glittah!

*Please note. This is a Purple Roses story that takes place shortly after the current story takes place. This is dedicated to Legolas.

The winter sun shone brightly on the blond curls of Legolas as she walked through the streets of London giving her an angelic appearance. Stylishly dressed in a trench coat she became the focus of many wondering eyes. She was on a mission though and didn't take any notice of the double takes she was getting. Instead she adjusted her sun glasses and frowned a bit. Someone had told her that London was usually foggy and cold this time of year. Clearly they lied. While it was somewhat chilly it was nothing to the December winters back home in Connecticut. There was not even snow here. Nor was their any fog. The Christmas lights that decorated the town looked odd and out of place in the unusual weather.
“So much for the land of Sherlock Holmes.” She muttered disappointed.
She loved mystery and on a day like today there was no hint of mystery anywhere.
“Focus, Legolas.” She breathed softly trying to remember the whole point of her being there in London.
It was she who had been selected by the Board of Purple Roses to fly to England to recruit another member. At Christmas time. The usual English agents who did the missions in the U.K were all busy on another important assignment or on break.
Legolas casually slipped out from her bag the photo of the girl she was to recruit. Genesis Aggelos. The picture showed a girl with soft blond hair framing the delicate face of a classic English beauty. It had been recently discovered that the girl possessed many talents and abilities the agency sought. Trouble was, other agency's wanted her too. The Purple Roses had to get to her first.
Lego felt her heart quicken and hastily put the picture away. But she could not get the image out of her mind of those glorious intelligent eyes. What was this strange pull she was feeling? She had not even met this girl yet,. Legolas reached the front steps of a town home and took another deep breath. It was time to be professional. The others where counting on her.
She quickly pulled her face into a professional friendly smile and was about to knock when the door was opened and SHE was standing there.
Genesis posed there for a moment with a mild surprised look on her perfect face. It looked like she had been heading out for a meeting some place else.
“Miss Aggelos?” Legolas inquired politely with a slightly raised eyebrow.
“Yes. That's me.” She responded, an look of dawning understanding unfolding across her features. “You must be Legolas. The agent from the Purple Roses. You are early.”
Legolas gulped feeling slightly outdone by the brilliant smile given by one Miss Aggelos.
“No.” She responded, somewhat flustered while trying to keep her professional voice. “I have the time right here. Three O'clock in the afternoon we are to meet right here. Agent Kallista even set the time for me.......”
Legolas let her sentence trail off and she faceplamed. Genesis laughed softly.
“It's noontime.” Genesis smiled. “Perhaps the jet leg has gotten you confused. It happens to everyone.”
“No.” Legolas muttered softly, vowing to get her hands around Kallista's neck when she got back. “It is purely my fault. In the last minutes before leaving to come here a fellow co-agent came to “help” me out. I should have double checked knowing who it was who helped me. I apologize.”
Legolas tried to keep the flush from spreading over her cheeks but it was too late. Things were not going good. Little did she know they were about to become worse.
His voice was oddly high pitched and sounded familiar.
“How strange.” Genesis murmured peering around Lego at the vendor on the street. “We usually don't get vendors of that sort anymore. Certainly not selling something so random. How curious.”
“Indeed.” Lego nodded trying to keep the strain from her voice. She needed to get to the vendor before things became more awkward.
“I am sorry Miss Legolas. I really must go now to my other appointment.” Genesis smiled. “I promise I will be back here at three O'clock and we can discuss our business then.”
Lego nodded and stepped aside for her.
“I look forward to it Miss Aggelos.”
Lego waited for just a few more moments before rushing down the steps and towards the vendor.
“Kallista Pendragon! What are you doing here?” Lego hissed at her softly.
“Well! Hello there little lady!” Kallista laughed with false bravado , nervously trying to maintain her disguise.
Lego looked on in disbelief at the getup Kallista was in. Wearing bright blue trousers with a matching shirt, a tie with the Hello Kitty trademark on it, a badly placed gray wig resembling that of an old balding man and a hairy thing under her nose which Lego presumed was meant to be a mustache. The worst think of the whole outfit was the sparkling rainbow suspenders Kallista was wearing. On second thought, the suspenders were really epic in Legos mind and she wanted them. Badly. But they did not work well with the rest of Kallie's odd disguise. Nothing worked well. But there was Kallista beaming at her proudly. The mustache started to slip off but Kallista didn't appear to notice.
“Hey! Lego!” She whispered in an over loud conspiratorial voice while leaning in close.”It's really me! Kallista!”
“Yes, Kallista.” Lego half turned away rolling her eyes as she sighed. “I called out your name. Remember?”
“Oh, yeah!” Kal responded, looking at Lego with admiration in her eyes. “You are REALLY good at this!”
“Yeah, sure.” Lego responded then asked in a low voice.”Why are you here?”
Kal masked her face into one of intense drama. “I came to warn you about the time. It is NOT the correct time.”
Lego faceplamed. Again.
“Yes. I found that out Kallista.”She muttered wearily. “ Did you REALLY come to England just for that?”
Legolas' phone vibrated just then and she looked down at the text message. It was from Lizzy.
“Hmmm..It appears you are on a training exercise in the art of disguise. I am suppose to be the observer in addition to my other duties.” She finished reading out loud in a dry voice. “Lizzy says you where suppose to come tomorrow.”
“But that's today!' Kallista insisted. “I checked the times myself.”
“Of course you did.” Lego muttered exasperated. “Hold on a minute Kal. I am going to text Lizzy.”
She wandered a few feet away while Kal opened up a fortune.
“Cool!” She heard Kal exclaim. “It says that I am going to meet a man in a uniform. I LOVE men in uniform!”
Lego shook her head and turned away and began to text. So involved in her conversation with Lizzy she didn't notice the commotion behind her right away. When she did, her jaw dropped open and she groan inwardly. Oh WHY did she have to be stuck with Kallista?
A London policeman stood there questioning Kallista. Lego suspected a local resident had noticed the unusual activity outside their home and had called the cops.
“What is you name sir?” The cop was asking again, politely but firmly.
Kallista looked slightly panicked. Clearly she had not thought things through. Then she got that “Aha face” where she thought she could outwit another person. Lego wanted to run and hide.
“No! What's YOUR name?” Kal spoke in an exaggerated voice and tried to stand taller then the cop.
The cop was not amused.
“ I am the police Sir, and have been called to investigate a disturbance here. Unless you cooperate I will be forced to arrest you.”
“GUS!” Kallista blurted out suddenly, wild eyed.
The cop hesitated for a moment before speaking again. “Pardon me?”
“My name is Gus!” Kallista repeated as she smirked, proud of her “quick” thinking.
Lego sighed and begin texting again. No doubt the Roses where going to be busy getting Kallista out of another jam.
She was right. A moment later after “Gus” failed to produce a license for selling on the streets, Kallista panicked. Wildly she pointed above the police man's head and shouted.
He merely raised an eyebrow at her. Kallista made a weird grunting noise as she threw a handful of fortune cookies at the policeman and dashed madly off. It was yet another epic fail for Kallista's training. As the startled policeman took off after the oddly dressed “Gus” Legolas counted in her head the number of fails Kallista had just in the art of disguise. She lost count. She saw the man take out his radio and call for help.
Sighing she started walking in the direction that Kallista had taken off in. Casting one last lingering look back at Genesis's town home, she called Lizzy instead of texting. If Kallista made her miss this meeting, she was not sure she could forgive her.
“Let me guess. Kallista messed up again.” Lizzy's voice greeted her.
“She's being pursued by the local authorities now.” Lego confirmed grimly. “The scheduled meeting maybe delayed.”
“I have some agents nearby in Scotland on a mission. I will send them to help diffuse the situation immediately. Hang tight!” Lizzy replied then hung up.
Lego put her phone away, her mood getting bleaker just like the weather. What happened to the sun? It was getting chillier too. She glanced up at the sky to see the gray clouds rolling in blocking out the sun. Just a day till Christmas yet already the fifth day of Chanukah. It was a time to celebrate yet here she was far from home in the middle of yet another rescue mission to help Kallista.
Rounding the corner in a sprint she stopped suddenly at the mass of people who were gathered in the park square. Straining her eyes she searched the crowd for her wild insane friend. It was the police man she spotted first. He was with some friends by now and all of them cops. They were just beginning to surround the park when the mass of people broke into a song. It was a flash mob.
“Of course!” Legolas shook her head exasperated. “What next?”
She never should have said that.
Unable to get free from the mob where she had tried to hide, Kallista now found herself trapped with all the singing dancing people. The cops wisely hung back and waited for their prey to emerge. But Kallista saw them. Eying them crazily she did her best to blend in with the mob who were doing a sort of Scottish Highland dance. It was quite the spectacle; a supposedly older middle age man with rainbow suspenders, dancing strangely and out of sync. In horror Lego watched helplessly at what happened next. Trying to keep up with everyone, Kallista accidentally kicked the man in front of her. A series of events followed in quick succession. First Kallista's pants ripped when she did a weird leapy thing. Next the guy who was kicked fell into the next person who then fell into the next person creating a domino effect. In a matter of seconds everyone had fallen and the music had stopped.
The pedestrians who were watching gasped as soon the only one left standing was a weird looking older man with sparkling rainbow suspenders and torn pants; bright pink undies showing through the butt area. Kallista looked around uncertain and a bit sheepish and gave a sort of awkward wave. Then the clasps on the suspenders broke snapping Kallista in the face and her ripped pants drooped down around her ankles.
“Move in!” The cop close to Lego signaled the other cops.
Lego had to get to Kallista first! But the flash mob and pedestrians had other idea. Almost rising as one and with one mind, the enraged crowd of people stood and someone shouted.
Kallista screamed crazily and began running as fast as she could, leaping out of the trousers as she did so. The policemen did their best to get through the crowd but there was no stopping the angry mob.
Lego stood there a moment stunned when she noticed something. One person remained behind from the mob. It was none other then Genesis. The beautiful blond was bending over the castoff remains of the pants, the rainbow suspenders still attached. Legolas approached her carefully.
“I did not know you would be part of the flash mob.” Lego remarked, surprised.
“Yes.” Genesis replied with a smile. “This was the appointment I had to leave for earlier.”
Genesis looked down at the suspenders.
“Looks like it can be fixed.” She said with a spark in her eyes. “I am glad. It's made with glitter and I just love glitter!”
“Really?” Lego replied, her eyes widening. “So do I!”
Gen raised her head and looked at Lego with a half smile.
“I think I might like you.” Genesis quipped.
Legolas laughed. The feeling was mutual.
“So you are an agent for the Purple Roses.” Genesis looked at her admiringly. It was a good feeling.
“That is correct. I see you read the brief synopsis I sent you.” Legolas responded, pleased.
“Yes, I did . I also saw the other offer from the other agency. But I think I like your offer better.” Genesis replied. “I feel that I am a better fit with your agency, that my talents will be utilized better there. Besides, I have a feeling that this is where I should be. I always trust my gut feelings.”
Lego smiled and nodded in approval. It was always best to trust your gut feelings.
A growing noise interrupted her interlude with Genesis. It was Kallista running back. The wig she had been wearing had fallen off long ago revealing a mass of knotted up black hair that stuck up everywhere.
Genesis and Lego watched open mouth as Kallista started running in slow motion with hands outstretched as if nearing the finishing point of a race. The theme from Chariots of Fire could be heard coming from her as she won her imaginary race. Then remembering she was being chased, she gave another shriek of terror and raced past Lego and Genesis.
“HELP ME!” She blurted as she streaked past. Then. “I'M STILL BEAUTIFUL!”
“Friend of yours?” Genesis cocked her head at Lego.
“ guess in a way....” Lego shoved her hands in her trench coat pocket.
Genesis only laughed. “I guess I definitely won't be bored with your agency!”
The mob reached them and then passed them, still in search of the flash mob wrecker.
“Should we help her?” Genesis asked.
“Help is already here.” Lego told her as she looked up, smiling.
From high up a helicopter appeared. Three figures dressed all in black with face masks dropped down form the helicopter. One person stayed just behind the mob while the other two took off in opposite directions. Just in time too, Legolas thought as she saw Kallista had stopped and was facing everyone.
Fireworks lit up the winter skies coming from the single hooded figure. The mob turned around and quieted down while watching the firework display.
Kallista too watched it open mouthed. “SO beautiful-”
She was cut off as one of the other figures in black came up behind her and grabbed her. Putting an arm around her waist the figure shot back up to the sky. When Lego looked again the other two men were beside them.
“We need to go now Lego.” Niall said.
Lego obediently grabbed hold of him even as he put his arms around her.
“You ready, Hellboy?” Niall asked his partner who was with Genesis.
“Hell, yeah! Let's go!” Was the enthusiastic reply.
Then they too were pulled back up into the helicopter.
Once in the helicopter, Lego moved to go sit near the front as it flew away. Kallista was there leaning her head on Octaboona's shoulder.
“My hero.” She murmured into his ear.
“My dear?” He whispered back.
“You lost your trousers again.”
“Trousers are so overrated.” She smiled secretly.
Lego just stared.
“You planed this whole thing didn't you?” She accused Kallista in astonishment as realization struck her. “You knew ahead of time about Genesis, the flash mob, EVERTHING! You put this all together just to be rescued by Octaboona!”
Lego took a moment to glace incredulous at Genesis then back at Kallista who was suddenly asleep.
“Faker!” Lego sneered while shaking her head.
Kallista giggled and snuggled closer to Octa only to pause long enough to open an eye, wink then nod towards Genesis who was chatting with Hellboy.
All three of the boys had taken off their masks by then. Niall made his way towards the pilots chair where a lovely redhead was flying the helicopter.
Legolas took the opportunity to go sit beside Genesis who was still holding on to the rainbow suspenders.
“Here. I think you should have these.” Genesis said. “It's Christmas time. My present to you.”
Carefully Lego took the sparkling colorful suspenders and knew this would always be a treasured object. It had brought into her life a kindred spirit.
“Thank you Genesis.” Lego smile.
“Call me Gen.” She nodded.
Hellboy came back to them with a couple of glasses and some eggnog.
“Cheers you all!” He hugged them after he poured them the drink. “ MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY CHANUKAH!”
They all raised their glasses except Kallista who was not allowed any eggnog.
“You get too insane!” Venice shouted back from the front over the noise of the helicopter. “Well, insaner!”
Kallista grumbled as everyone laughed. Legolas relaxed for the first time in a while. She was on her way home and as she looked outside, she saw it was snowing. The best part was that she was surrounded by her friends and the beginning of a promising new one. It was something to celebrate.
“I love you guys!” She smiled.
“We love you too!” Kallista launched herself at Lego in a hug.
As they both fell backwards off the seat, a small bottle of something fell from Kallista's breast pocket.
For a second they all looked at it blankly then Hellboy shouted. “IT'S ONE OF KALLISTA'S GLITTER BOMBS! DIVE FOR COVER!”
He dove madly away, covering his head as he did so. The others followed his example.
Then as if on cue the tiny bomb exploded covering Lego and Kallista with glitter.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Birthday NJ!!!

Nj's cake exploded.
Icing flew everywhere, splattering onto her face and clothes as she sighed. Kallista cackled, tears streaming from her eyes
as she tried to regain control of herself. NJ just shook her head, wiping icing from her eyes; she should have guessed kal
would do something like this...ESPECIALLY on someone's birthday.
As it was, today was NJ's 15th. The birthday girl sat at the large table adhorned with gifts of all shapes and sizes:
A huge fat ginger cat sat with an evil glare; a silver nametag stamped with the name "Boffin" hung from a collar, and a pink
party hat clung to its head with a small piece of elastic. Boffin didn't look amused. A unicorn stood munching on a bright
flower that sprung from a huge pink hat. A large box of dog-flavoured jelly beans lay beside it- unsurprisingly, unopened.
Even a small wand lay amid the wrapping paper and the many other odd gifts she had recieved from her friends.
Rachel sighed, but grinned happily, pulling her gift of an I-Heart-Scotland jumper from its wrapping. She threw it to NJ, who
eyes it with amusement, but easily got the message. Leaving the room, she went to go change out of her cake-covered t-shirt.
NJ returned a few minutes later to find everyone chatting and playing with the assortment of gifts. She smiled, adjusting the
red Scotland jumper, before sneeking up behind Kal, who was playing about with something that was hidden from NJ's view.
"BWAAAAA!!!" Yelled NJ, pulling a contorted face at her friend. Kal screamed, spinning around, as the object came into view.
The wand glowed in Kal's hand, instantly sending a stream of golden lightening to connect with NJ's chest.
Several voices began to yell, but the words did no good. With a startled shriek and a puff of brilliant purple smoke, NJ
The wand reurned to normal, quietness descending on the room.
Kallista broke it:
NJ did not dissappear- she mearly just shrank to the size of a really stubby thumb.
She froze, gazing at everything that now seemed too big, before a massive foot forced her to dive out of the way. Her little
heart was pumping, legs doing FAR too much work to get her across such a small distance. More giant feet made their way over
to the spot where she'd just stood, and NJ tried desperately to get their owners' attention, but her little voice had become
no more than a small squeek to her friend's ears. They couldn't hear her, and their huge feet were in real danger of crushing
her small form, so she just ran- trying to escape the shuffling shamble of shoes.
NJ managed to reach the table leg without too much trouble. She stopped to both get her breath back, and take in her enlarged
surroundings. She blinked. This birthday had taken a bit of an odd twist...even by her standards.
"Now how the hell do i get back to normal without getting squashed?!"
A low hiss erupted from behind. NJ turned slowly, eyes wide, as she came face to face with a grumpy looking Boffin.
"Ah...Slightly problematic." She was answered with gleaming eyes, watching her every move. She suddenly felt like a mouse-
vulnerable and almost surely about to be eaten...
Boffin lunged, claws outstreched, and NJ barely had enough time to duck behind the table leg before he ploughed through the
space where she'd just stood. Her little legs took off again, racing across the space underneath the table, heading for a
fallen fork that lay forgotten beneath a chair.
She gasped for breath, becoming painfully aware that Boffin was rapidly closing the gap between them. He screeched in anger
as she spead away, but, if possible, that only made her go faster. She looked forward in hope- only another ten small-feet to
go; the fork was in sight.
Boffin screached again then leaped, sailing through the air before coliding with NJ's small figure. She shrieked and went
spawling, the cat's paws pinning her to the ground. The cat glared at her, squeesing its paw on her chest- toying with her
like it would a mouse. She reached out desperately for the fork; it was only centimeters away.
However, it was still human centimeters, and the piece of cutlery remained JUST out of reach. NJ growled, frustrated and
pounded Boffin's paw. She hit it again, this time on the soft fleshy skin inbetween the digits, which caused his to hiss and
recoil slightly.
NJ took her chance, reaching for the fork, gripping the cold handle and swinging it across her small body to grip it with
both hands. It was surprisingly heavy, but NJ found the weight oddly comforting, and swung it into Boffin's startled face
when he reurned for another go at her.
The cat snarled angrilly, recoiling in pain. NJ just uped and ran- out towards the massive feet, aiming for a particular pair
of shoes.
She found herself racing again -fork in hand- towards a big brown shoe, sure that the cat was not far behind. She reached it
fairly quick, easily dodging the other shuffling feet, and scrambled on board. She raised her hands, bringing the fork point
down -as gently as she could- into Kallista's shoe, hopefully just hard enough to get her attention, and not skewer her foot
to the floor.
As it was, Kal gave a yelp of surprise, snapping a startled head down to see a tiny NJ standing on her foot brandishing a
fork. She blinked, as did all of NJ's other friends who had gathered around after her sudden dissapearence, and were now all
frozen staring at their very small friend.
Suddenly Boffin pounced from under the table, stirring the group into action.
"Stop that cat!" someone yelled, as Kal scooped up NJ in her hand and placed her on the tablecloth, readying the wand that
was still clutched in her hand.
"Don't worry! I'll have you back in a jiffy!" Kal began to wave her hand, but was cut off abruptly when the raging cat
crashed into her chest. Kal shrieked, but Boffin used her to vault off, leaping towards NJ up on the tablecloth.
But the distance was too much- Boffin dissapeared from NJ's sight as he fell back towards the ground. The cat reached out
with its claws, digging into the cloth that draped over the table's side. A sudden jerk and the tablecloth began to follow
the hissing cat to the floor- and NJ along with it.
A piercing squeak sounded in Kal's ears as she scooped up the wand again, looking back to see her tiny friend falling head
over heals towards Boffin's waiting -and gaping- mouth.
"Bad kitty!!" Kal yelled, releasing a stream of gold lightening to envelop NJ. Everyone held their breath.
A brilliant puff of purple smoke, and NJ reappeared in front of them- full size once again- and contined on her fall to the
ground, landing abruptly on the rather surprised Boffin.
"oops..." NJ grinned, gettin up to let the dazed cat scamper off. Walking over to Kal, she quickly plucked the wand from her
friend's grasp, "I think I'll hand onto this..."
Kal nodded glumply, but everyone readily agreed.
As everyone else went back to laughing, discussing NJ's recent adventure, or eating cake, Kal looked around. The unicorn
abruptly stopped munching on the hat, and eyes Kal with a playful stare.
"Hmmm..." said Kal with a grin, before shuffling over, trying to look inconspicuous...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Im lazy, and Im proud.

        After Fred left, Madison abandoned her stack of parchment and trudged off the the bed in the room specially designed for her. Spending your nights in a room with 2o other beds could get pretty lonely, so Dumbledore presented her with this, an elegant room with a kitchen and bathroom. 
        She swung the door open and kicked it shut behind her. Throwing her bad onto the couch, and leaped into her bed, snuggled under the sheets, and closed her eyes, the wonders of sleep drifting over her immediately.
        She woke to a piercing noise in her ear, only to find Peeves whistling sharply. She sat up,"Oi!" He cackled and flew away into the ceiling, leaving her cursing darkly. She squeezed her eyes shut again, but it didn't seem like she was going back to sleep, so she scowled, and swung her legs off the bed. Rubbing her eyes, she walked blindly off to her closet, and smacked into the wall instead of the opening.
 She stepped to the right and walked through, grabbing the first shirt she saw. She pushed her head through, and stripped of her sweats, pulling on a pair of dark shorts. With a snap, the closet door closed, and she wandered off to her small kitchen.
         Opening the fridge, she briefly skimmed through choices in her mind. When she stopped on one she liked, (bacon and eggs with a side of buttered toast and pumpkin juice), she closed her eyes, pictured it in her head, and when she opened her eyes again her meal was right in front of her.
          She absently grabbed the food, her mind on other things as she nibbled on her toast thoughtfully. She thought of Harry, and debated on sending him a letter about the Quidditch World Cup. She decided not to, for she would get his hopes up higher, and if Ron's dad didn't get the tickets....
          But as if in answer to her thoughts, a tiny owl appeared at her window. Grinning, she set down her food and rushed over to unlatch the window. She ushered the owl inside, and decided to go to Diagon Alley today, for she desperately wanted an owl. She should bring Harry....No. She would see him soon enough. Ripping open the letter, she read down at Ron's crooked scrawl.
         'Dear Madison.
                              DAD GOT THE TICKETS! We're all so excited! I've sent a letter to Harry, to tell him too! Your to come over on Saturday. Mum said she would appreciate it if you came around 5' o clock, but Im sure you could come whenever you like. Sent word back with your answer!
           Grinning widely, Madison slurred back a hasty,"Of course," with her quill. She tied it around the tiny owls scrawny leg, and shoved him out the window. He flew off into the sky, and Madison watched him turn into a dark speck against the clouds, and disappear. With nothing better to do, she marched off to the Owlery. She coaxed a tawny owl off its perch, and tied a letter to its arm the said,"Fred and George. Come over, I've to go to Diagon Alley, rather not do it alone." For the second time in five minutes, she shoved the owl out the window, and turned her back on it.
            The next 30 minutes or so was filled with eggs, bacon, and toast. As she finished wiping her hands, a loud crack sounded, and Mrs.Weasley, Fred, and George stood in front of her.
"Thanks mum."
Mrs.Weasley smiled warmly at Madison, who waved back, and vanished.
Madison grinned at the twins, who grinned back. "Thank Merlin you called, Mum was killing us." said George. Madison frowned,"Why?" Fred looked at her darkly,"She spent the whole morning making us wash the attic," Madison rolled her eyes,"Your too lazy."
Fred nodded,"I'm lazy, and I'm proud."