Thursday, September 15, 2011

Im lazy, and Im proud.

        After Fred left, Madison abandoned her stack of parchment and trudged off the the bed in the room specially designed for her. Spending your nights in a room with 2o other beds could get pretty lonely, so Dumbledore presented her with this, an elegant room with a kitchen and bathroom. 
        She swung the door open and kicked it shut behind her. Throwing her bad onto the couch, and leaped into her bed, snuggled under the sheets, and closed her eyes, the wonders of sleep drifting over her immediately.
        She woke to a piercing noise in her ear, only to find Peeves whistling sharply. She sat up,"Oi!" He cackled and flew away into the ceiling, leaving her cursing darkly. She squeezed her eyes shut again, but it didn't seem like she was going back to sleep, so she scowled, and swung her legs off the bed. Rubbing her eyes, she walked blindly off to her closet, and smacked into the wall instead of the opening.
 She stepped to the right and walked through, grabbing the first shirt she saw. She pushed her head through, and stripped of her sweats, pulling on a pair of dark shorts. With a snap, the closet door closed, and she wandered off to her small kitchen.
         Opening the fridge, she briefly skimmed through choices in her mind. When she stopped on one she liked, (bacon and eggs with a side of buttered toast and pumpkin juice), she closed her eyes, pictured it in her head, and when she opened her eyes again her meal was right in front of her.
          She absently grabbed the food, her mind on other things as she nibbled on her toast thoughtfully. She thought of Harry, and debated on sending him a letter about the Quidditch World Cup. She decided not to, for she would get his hopes up higher, and if Ron's dad didn't get the tickets....
          But as if in answer to her thoughts, a tiny owl appeared at her window. Grinning, she set down her food and rushed over to unlatch the window. She ushered the owl inside, and decided to go to Diagon Alley today, for she desperately wanted an owl. She should bring Harry....No. She would see him soon enough. Ripping open the letter, she read down at Ron's crooked scrawl.
         'Dear Madison.
                              DAD GOT THE TICKETS! We're all so excited! I've sent a letter to Harry, to tell him too! Your to come over on Saturday. Mum said she would appreciate it if you came around 5' o clock, but Im sure you could come whenever you like. Sent word back with your answer!
           Grinning widely, Madison slurred back a hasty,"Of course," with her quill. She tied it around the tiny owls scrawny leg, and shoved him out the window. He flew off into the sky, and Madison watched him turn into a dark speck against the clouds, and disappear. With nothing better to do, she marched off to the Owlery. She coaxed a tawny owl off its perch, and tied a letter to its arm the said,"Fred and George. Come over, I've to go to Diagon Alley, rather not do it alone." For the second time in five minutes, she shoved the owl out the window, and turned her back on it.
            The next 30 minutes or so was filled with eggs, bacon, and toast. As she finished wiping her hands, a loud crack sounded, and Mrs.Weasley, Fred, and George stood in front of her.
"Thanks mum."
Mrs.Weasley smiled warmly at Madison, who waved back, and vanished.
Madison grinned at the twins, who grinned back. "Thank Merlin you called, Mum was killing us." said George. Madison frowned,"Why?" Fred looked at her darkly,"She spent the whole morning making us wash the attic," Madison rolled her eyes,"Your too lazy."
Fred nodded,"I'm lazy, and I'm proud."

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