Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lunch calls me.

             Madison blinked quickly, her bright peculiarly colored eyes readjusting to the new found sun. Before she could completely got used to it, though, a familiar hand yanked her away from the door, and further down the road.
"Hurry up, Madison, your so slow sometimes."
 The voice and hand belonged to Fred Weasley, and she allowed herself to be yanked, ignoring her natural instinct to break anyone's arm who dared touch her. As they walked further along, two other boy's came into sight. First they were dark blobs against the vivid setting sun, but then they sharpened, and she saw one head of flaming red hair, and one dark brown, braided into dreadlocks. George Weasley and Lee Jordan grinned at her, and she winked back warmly. These warm, familiar faces were much more welcome than the face she had seen for the last few hours. Thinking of this she remembered to cover the deep gash on her hand with new skin, and closed her eyes. She felt the skin flow over, and opened her eyes again to the boys now suddenly frowning faces.
              She pursed her lips, trying not to look guilty. "What? What's wrong?"
"We saw that. You changed something. What'd you change?" said Lee.
 Madison shrugged, and changed the subject,"So, where are we going? I'm pretty sick of this castle, to be honest."
                Behind them, stood the majestic castle named Hogwarts. Its tall towers and dark windows gleamed proudly, and the dark lake was jutting out from the back of it, where it surrounded the grounds. George's grin slipped back on.
"We'll be there soon." he said eagerly.
Madison sighed, and said,"Yes, yes, next year will be wonderful. But for me, I have to wait two more years for my brother to start, and any time before then is a time wasted." Fred's frown deepened,"What, we're not good enough?" he said indignantly. Madison smiled warmly, and shook her head." No. No, your not. I love you, though." The twins and Lee's faces scowled, and they walked off away from the castle.
                  Five years later
               "Have you heard?"
Madison scowled, and didn't look up from her books. "Of course I have."
Fred tilted his head,"You don't sounded cheerful."
At this, Madison lifted her eyes and looked at Fred's freckled face. She sighed,"I don't want Harry to get any ideas." Fred grinned, only slightly, and said,"Well you know your going to be chosen. So whats the point? He won't have a chance, anyways." Madison narrowed her eyes,"You know if he doesn't want me to, I won't. And you do realize you're not allowed, either. Nor George, for that matter." Fred raised an eyebrow,"I thought we just went over the fact I can't, seeing as you'll be the one chosen." Madison shrugged, and looked down at her books again.
                "What are those?!" said Fred, his voice sounding horrified. Madison didn't lift her gaze, but said coolly,"Books," Fred sank into the seat in front of her, and gaped at her. She raised her eyes. "What," she said blankly. He shook his head slowly,"It's vacation. We're on holiday. School work, is just not done." The corners of her lips turned up,"Tell that to Snape."
                   Severus Snape, the potions master at Hogwarts school, had been giving her loads of homework everyday for the past month. The other teachers, of course, had been kind enough to give her a well-needed break, but Snape had sneered at her look of shock when he shoved the books onto her desk. "Just because you believe yourself superior to all others," he had said ,"does not mean you shall be excluded from work, Potter." She had left his class seething with rage, but had no other choice then to do the work, and not give Snape the satisfaction of complaining about it.
                    The reason she was at Hogwarts at all during the summer holidays, was because she lived here. Here at Hogwarts, she had her own private room. The teachers-the exception being Snape-were almost like family. But the Headmaster was much different. Professor Dumbledore was no different than a grandfather, and she loved him with all her being. He had cared for her, and nurtured her, and guided her, like no other had for a very long time. When she had learned about her parent's death, and her brothers life, he had sat with her the whole night. He had not said a word, simply held her and wiped her tears as she sobbed and cried.
                     Then she had met her brother, Harry Potter. He had turned into the most important person in her life. She would do anything for him, and she loved him much differently than Professor Dumbledore, or her teachers, or even her best friends in the whole world, Fred and George Weasley. She had loved him with a pure, fierce love that only he could have in her heart, him and their parents. She had lived at Hogwarts, and he lived in with their aunt and uncle, and the summers began a dull cloud against the brilliant sun he had placed in her heart. But Fred and George were close to family, and they were with her everyday. Dumbledore seemed pleased that Fred and George were here for her, because he had always encouraged her to have as close to a normal life as possible. Other than the obvious fact of course, that she was a witch.
                        But Dumbledore had his exceptions, though. He trained her every week, sometimes on her Elemental skills (a rare power that few wizards have known, the ability to control the Elements, which Dumbledore shared), sometimes on her fighting skills (she had earned amazing super strength, and Dumbledore had never explained why she had it), or sometimes on just plain magic. Training was a rough and hard business, and it left her drained every night. But she knew it was for the better, so she didn't complain.
                       To Dumbledore, that is.
                        Fred and George had (on various occasions) listened to her complaints with sympathetic ears. She came to them when anything appeared to much for her, and they rose her spirits flawlessly every time. Fred and George were her lifeline, that was obvious.
                        But now, Fred sat in front of her, much taller and larger than the day they had met, which was four years ago. She scowled as she told him about her homework from Snape, and he proved to be a very nice audience. He nodded and shook his head in all the right places. When she finished, he stood up, and she frowned,"Where are you going?"
"Home, Mum said to be back before noon."
"Go back to your mummy, then," Madison grinned.
Fred turned, an called over his shoulder,"I shall. Lunch calls me."


  1. I thought I could do some random Harry Potter Fan-Fics in here :)

  2. WOW! This is STUNNING! I really enjoyed reading this Viv!
    You are a marvoulous writer! Wll done!