Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Birthday NJ!!!

Nj's cake exploded.
Icing flew everywhere, splattering onto her face and clothes as she sighed. Kallista cackled, tears streaming from her eyes
as she tried to regain control of herself. NJ just shook her head, wiping icing from her eyes; she should have guessed kal
would do something like this...ESPECIALLY on someone's birthday.
As it was, today was NJ's 15th. The birthday girl sat at the large table adhorned with gifts of all shapes and sizes:
A huge fat ginger cat sat with an evil glare; a silver nametag stamped with the name "Boffin" hung from a collar, and a pink
party hat clung to its head with a small piece of elastic. Boffin didn't look amused. A unicorn stood munching on a bright
flower that sprung from a huge pink hat. A large box of dog-flavoured jelly beans lay beside it- unsurprisingly, unopened.
Even a small wand lay amid the wrapping paper and the many other odd gifts she had recieved from her friends.
Rachel sighed, but grinned happily, pulling her gift of an I-Heart-Scotland jumper from its wrapping. She threw it to NJ, who
eyes it with amusement, but easily got the message. Leaving the room, she went to go change out of her cake-covered t-shirt.
NJ returned a few minutes later to find everyone chatting and playing with the assortment of gifts. She smiled, adjusting the
red Scotland jumper, before sneeking up behind Kal, who was playing about with something that was hidden from NJ's view.
"BWAAAAA!!!" Yelled NJ, pulling a contorted face at her friend. Kal screamed, spinning around, as the object came into view.
The wand glowed in Kal's hand, instantly sending a stream of golden lightening to connect with NJ's chest.
Several voices began to yell, but the words did no good. With a startled shriek and a puff of brilliant purple smoke, NJ
The wand reurned to normal, quietness descending on the room.
Kallista broke it:
NJ did not dissappear- she mearly just shrank to the size of a really stubby thumb.
She froze, gazing at everything that now seemed too big, before a massive foot forced her to dive out of the way. Her little
heart was pumping, legs doing FAR too much work to get her across such a small distance. More giant feet made their way over
to the spot where she'd just stood, and NJ tried desperately to get their owners' attention, but her little voice had become
no more than a small squeek to her friend's ears. They couldn't hear her, and their huge feet were in real danger of crushing
her small form, so she just ran- trying to escape the shuffling shamble of shoes.
NJ managed to reach the table leg without too much trouble. She stopped to both get her breath back, and take in her enlarged
surroundings. She blinked. This birthday had taken a bit of an odd twist...even by her standards.
"Now how the hell do i get back to normal without getting squashed?!"
A low hiss erupted from behind. NJ turned slowly, eyes wide, as she came face to face with a grumpy looking Boffin.
"Ah...Slightly problematic." She was answered with gleaming eyes, watching her every move. She suddenly felt like a mouse-
vulnerable and almost surely about to be eaten...
Boffin lunged, claws outstreched, and NJ barely had enough time to duck behind the table leg before he ploughed through the
space where she'd just stood. Her little legs took off again, racing across the space underneath the table, heading for a
fallen fork that lay forgotten beneath a chair.
She gasped for breath, becoming painfully aware that Boffin was rapidly closing the gap between them. He screeched in anger
as she spead away, but, if possible, that only made her go faster. She looked forward in hope- only another ten small-feet to
go; the fork was in sight.
Boffin screached again then leaped, sailing through the air before coliding with NJ's small figure. She shrieked and went
spawling, the cat's paws pinning her to the ground. The cat glared at her, squeesing its paw on her chest- toying with her
like it would a mouse. She reached out desperately for the fork; it was only centimeters away.
However, it was still human centimeters, and the piece of cutlery remained JUST out of reach. NJ growled, frustrated and
pounded Boffin's paw. She hit it again, this time on the soft fleshy skin inbetween the digits, which caused his to hiss and
recoil slightly.
NJ took her chance, reaching for the fork, gripping the cold handle and swinging it across her small body to grip it with
both hands. It was surprisingly heavy, but NJ found the weight oddly comforting, and swung it into Boffin's startled face
when he reurned for another go at her.
The cat snarled angrilly, recoiling in pain. NJ just uped and ran- out towards the massive feet, aiming for a particular pair
of shoes.
She found herself racing again -fork in hand- towards a big brown shoe, sure that the cat was not far behind. She reached it
fairly quick, easily dodging the other shuffling feet, and scrambled on board. She raised her hands, bringing the fork point
down -as gently as she could- into Kallista's shoe, hopefully just hard enough to get her attention, and not skewer her foot
to the floor.
As it was, Kal gave a yelp of surprise, snapping a startled head down to see a tiny NJ standing on her foot brandishing a
fork. She blinked, as did all of NJ's other friends who had gathered around after her sudden dissapearence, and were now all
frozen staring at their very small friend.
Suddenly Boffin pounced from under the table, stirring the group into action.
"Stop that cat!" someone yelled, as Kal scooped up NJ in her hand and placed her on the tablecloth, readying the wand that
was still clutched in her hand.
"Don't worry! I'll have you back in a jiffy!" Kal began to wave her hand, but was cut off abruptly when the raging cat
crashed into her chest. Kal shrieked, but Boffin used her to vault off, leaping towards NJ up on the tablecloth.
But the distance was too much- Boffin dissapeared from NJ's sight as he fell back towards the ground. The cat reached out
with its claws, digging into the cloth that draped over the table's side. A sudden jerk and the tablecloth began to follow
the hissing cat to the floor- and NJ along with it.
A piercing squeak sounded in Kal's ears as she scooped up the wand again, looking back to see her tiny friend falling head
over heals towards Boffin's waiting -and gaping- mouth.
"Bad kitty!!" Kal yelled, releasing a stream of gold lightening to envelop NJ. Everyone held their breath.
A brilliant puff of purple smoke, and NJ reappeared in front of them- full size once again- and contined on her fall to the
ground, landing abruptly on the rather surprised Boffin.
"oops..." NJ grinned, gettin up to let the dazed cat scamper off. Walking over to Kal, she quickly plucked the wand from her
friend's grasp, "I think I'll hand onto this..."
Kal nodded glumply, but everyone readily agreed.
As everyone else went back to laughing, discussing NJ's recent adventure, or eating cake, Kal looked around. The unicorn
abruptly stopped munching on the hat, and eyes Kal with a playful stare.
"Hmmm..." said Kal with a grin, before shuffling over, trying to look inconspicuous...


  1. OMG RACHEL *hugs*